Saturday, May 28, 2011

May13th through June 4th, 2011
C.A.V.E. Gallery presents: Three Year Anniversary Group Exhibition
On May 13, C.A.V.E. Gallery celebrated our 3 Year Anniversary with a special show featuring the work of 50 artists that represent the notable caliber of the recognized artists and young talents featured in our first years. 
The exhibition showcases an exciting diversity of cutting edge works that embody the uncharted spectrum of the New Contemporary Art Movement setting the stage for the ambitious and fresh direction of our future.

Josh Hart
Jennifer Springman
Gosha Levochkin
Hans Haveron
Tom Haubrick
Anthony Clarkson
Anthony Ausgang & Patrick Iaconis
Jasmine Worth
John Park
Renee Lawter
Patrick & Euth
Participating Artists:
Anthony Ausgang, Anthony Clarkson, Bryan Pickens, Cate Rangel, Chet Zar, Chrystal Chan, Codak, Craig "Skibs" Barker, Craww, David Cooley, David Stein, Eatcho, Euth, Gosha Levochkin, Gustavo Rimada, Hans Haveron, Jasmine Worth, Jason Hernandez, John Park, Jennifer Springman, Joka, Josh Hart, Kevin Peterson, Kelly Berg, L Croskey, Leontine Greenberg, Macsorro, Max Neutra, Megz Majewski, Nathan Cartwright, Patrick Hammerlein, Paul Chatem, Randy Noborikawa, Renee Lawter, Rudy Fig , SIT, Smog City, Taka Sudo, Tina Darling, Tom Haubrick, Vahge, Van Saro, Walt Hall, Young Chun, Zach Johnsen, Zoso