Saturday, February 19, 2011

C.A.V.E. Gallery's February exhibition "Outside, Looking In" opened Friday, Feb 11th. Featuring new works by: Macsorro, Patrick Gannon & Shay Davis.
 Through symbolic imagery each artist created wondrous and bold compositions, challenging and engaging the viewer to construct their personal understanding of the familiarly alien and surreal realms. 

Here are some photos from the reception - as well as some of the artwork. 
A fascination with the imagery of each composition is matched by a fascination with the technique used to create the works.
This exhibition showcases the new work of three multidisciplinary artists (oil, acrylic, and paper collage) crafted by mind-bending attention to detail and an impressive technical skill.
Shay Davis' "Pride"
Patrick Gannon's "Travel Reading"
 Macsorro's "Pheromone"