Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 Taka Sudo's (debut show in Los Angeles) show "Paradox Shifts" opened on Friday, January 14th, and it was an amazing survey of his latest work. 

   Everyone who attended the opening was also hit with the remarkable accompanying group show featuring:
 Brian Robertson, Charmaine Olivia, Craig Cartwright, Daryll Peirce, Eatcho, Euth, Gustavo Rimada, James Bentley, Jason Graham, Jeannie Lynn Paske, Jeff Felker, John Park, Josh Wigger, Megz Majewski, Tamara Weiss.
Left to Right: Euth, Jeff Felker, Eatcho & Gustavo Rimada
Left to Right: Jason Graham, Craig Cartwright & John Park
Left to Right: Tamara Weiss, Jeannie Lynn Paske & Brian Robertson

Also, John Park knocked out show goers with his live piece.
Taka’s new works in “Paradox Shifts” include a series of fractured images of faces, reflecting the conflicting messages swirling around one’s environment. These scattered forces are composed in a nebulous “balance” of collaged paint & print – creating a state of shifting neutrality – pulling and pushing the viewer through an ebb and flow of visual synergy. 
 The artwork is viewable online at:
This is a show that is a must see!