Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Featured print of the month!

C.A.V.E. Gallery is starting the "Featured print of the month" showcase! We are excited to kick off this series with South African artist Jade Klara, whose artwork is inspired by Japanese kawaii, the colourful South African lifetstyles and classic story tales. Her print "Spookasem" is a captivating piece that sparks the imagination and makes the viewer nostalgic about childohood fantasies. The Archival Giclee Signed Limited Edition Print is 9" x 15". $80 Unframed; $250 framed w/UV Plexiglass.

Friday, September 25, 2009

October show at CAVE gallery

C.A.V.E. Gallery presents Coisas Esquisitas, featuring Danni Shinya Luo, JAW Cooper, Kendra Binney, Tatiana Suarez, and Tina Darling. The show will exhibit new work by these five artists, whose distinct styles evoke a poetic feminine energy, and a captivating expressive complexity fueled by an exploration into the human condition. Each artist incorporates symbolism and inspiration from the natural world, in unique, playful, subtle yet thought-provoking compositions.

Coisas Esquisitas is a show not to be missed!

Artist at CAVE: Gosha Levochkin

Gosha is an artist currently showing at CAVE this month. For Gosha, growing up during the fall of the Soviet Union, there wasn't much to do so he started drawing. When Gosha moved to Los Angeles, he was introduced to a different kind of style of art that immediately inspired him to paint. Over the years, Gosha experimented with different mediums and learned from his “mistakes”, and has developed a unique memorable style.

Gosha was always inspired by cities. To him, buildings that have been tagged or deteriorating with age give cities more character. He is intrigued with how people live their daily lives in urban density and clutter and somehow make it all work. This series reflects on how each person has their own view of their city that lives in their minds.

Abbot Kinney Festival

The annual AK Fest is this Suday (Sept 27th). We co-sponsored a booth (with ThinkSpace) for Michael Pukac. It' should be a great/busy/fun afternoon. Michael will be live paining. If you are in Venice check it out & check out the "On the Bright Side" show. Last day to. 507 Rose ave, 90291

September group show

This is the last weekend to check out the September group show "On the Bright Side". It is such a great show, we hate to see it end.