Friday, October 23, 2009

Studio Visit with Shervin Iranshahr

I was recently in Pittsburgh PA and had the opportunity to visit the studio of legendary oil painter Shervin Iranshahr. Shervin was born in Iran and has lived in Vienna. In 2006, after many years active in the Los Angeles art scene, he moved to Pittsburgh for the inexpensive urban charm of Iron City.

It's a always a treat to meet with Shervin in his studio and catch a glimpse of the mind-bending works he is creating. He is in a constant state of creativity, and always seems to have several works going at any given time.  Shervin is one of the most prolific artists we know - with an impressive and brilliant body of work.

Soon after his arrival in Pittsburgh, Shervin co-founded "The Academy of the South Side" (ASS) with Tim Meehan and Dan Vogel. This now established, creative institution teaches oil painting and drawing from live models. Shervin offers the students one on one training, single session classes, as well as 8 week 16 week long sessions. He also organizes group shows featuring his students at ASS, including emerging artists Yvonne Kozlina, Dan Vogel, Phillip Seth, Jason Angst, Ryan Lee and Tim Meehan. ASS has developed into a well-respected art and community center, spearheaded by Shervins' creative genius and larger than life persona.


 In addition to painting and teaching classes at the Academy, Shervin also designs and prints T-shirts. Some styles are adorned with interesting and detailed stitching integrated into the design.

In March 2008, C.A.V.E. Gallery had the opportunity to feature a series of Shervin's artwork, and we continue to stay current with new work by this prolific master. Below are some of Shervin's beautifully intense oil paintings available at C.A.V.E. Gallery.


 We look forward to forward to showcasing more of Shervin's artwork in 2010 - stay tuned!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The "Other" Venice Film Festival

The 6th Annual “Other Venice Film Festival” is happening this week! (Thurs. Oct. 15 – Sun. Oct. 18). As the festival grows each year, films will be shown at various local screening rooms in the Venice neighborhood – Beyond Baroque at 681 Venice Blvd, SPARC at 685 Venice Blvd, and Digital Domain at 300 Rose Ave. Catch “The Doors” tonight followed by a Q/A with Val Kilmer. C.A.V.E. Gallery artist Christopher Hall has created the art for the promotional material. Christopher will showing his artwork this weekend at Digital Domain – in conjunction with the screening of David Arquette’s short film “The Butler’s in Love”. Several pieces of Christopher’s artwork are also on exhibit at C.A.V.E. Gallery. For more information visit

Thursday, October 8, 2009

DabsMyla at C.A.V.E. Gallery

We still have 3 awesome pieces in the gallery by the artist duo: DabsMyla!
Dabs is a prolific illustrator and graffiti artist who spent his teenage years growing up in Melbourne in the Early 90s. The graffiti scene influenced him greatly in his style and technique. These days his characters come to life in more contextualized environments than ever before, whether they are painted on walls in the streets, or on canvases in the gallery.
Myla was also raised in Melbourne where she was obsessed with detailed painting and drawing from an early age. Throughout her life she continued to develop her artistic ways, and now concentrates on detailed cities and landscapes. Three years ago, along with Dabs, they combined forces to solely collaborate on their works together.
They currently live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, spending everyday working on artworks, painting walls and being influenced by the wonders of their new city.

The much anticipated October show opening reception (Friday Oct. 2nd) had viewers from far and near coming in to check out the beautiful series of work on exhibit by our talented featured artists. Guest DJs included Andy Beat & Patrick Icon. John Park live painted on the patio to everyone's amazement. Featured artists Tatiana Suarez (Brooklyn) & Jessica "JAW" Cooper (LA) were in attendance, representing both coasts. Delicious bite-size snacks were provided by the awesome FLAKE restaurant next door. If you did not make the opening, please stop in the gallery - you should see this show in person! We are open Wed. - Sun. 11am - 4pm (or make an appointment with us!)